Complete Cooling Services

Don't Suffer During Summer Months

Southern summer is hot and humid. At True Comfort Heating and Air, we make it our top priority to keep you and your family comfortable through those days. When you call us to your home, we will be sure to walk you step by step through our process so you can be assured that you are getting the best service possible. Also, we want you to understand what it is we are doing to take care of the problem. Our professional team is always ready to inspect, maintain, service, or if necessary, to install a new unit to ensure your indoor comfort. 

AC Installation and Repair

High humidity and high temperature can push your AC system to its limit. Once the unit ages, it loses its efficiency. This aged unit will elevate cooling cost per month and will also cause expensive repairs to run. In this case, replacing the system is the best money-saving decision. Yes, you will pay more upfront, but you will enjoy peace of mind and you will also enjoy a reduced monthly energy cost. Our professional will consult with you to help you choose the best system for your home. At True Comfort Heating and Air, our policy is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Filtration System

After you have installed a new air conditioning system in your home, it would be a great decision to make sure you protect that system with a high-efficiency filtration system. Not only does it protect the new system, but that high-efficiency filter also provides a much cleaner environment in your home. It filters the air and stops the smallest particles from getting into your breathing space.

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