Professional Heating Services

Has the Heating System in Your Home Stopped Working?

The place where you feel the most comfortable should be your home. We want to help you maintain a warm and cozy home even when the temperature is at its lowest outside. At True Comfort Heating and Air, we are quick to respond to your needs when it comes to warming up your living space. We will not leave you in the cold.

Gas Furnace Installation and Repair

A natural gas furnace offers even heat throughout your home, maintaining your comfort throughout the cold-weather season. Efficient and clean-burning gas furnaces provide maximum comfort and lessen the impact on the environment. Our professional consultant will walk you through the process to help you select the best gas furnace option that will best fit your home. We will only recommend a replacement if the existing heating system is inefficient or cannot be repaired.


We also provide maintenance and service agreements in steam and hot water gas boilers. For your boiler to work properly, the pipes have to be bled yearly and the combustion area and tubes have to be cleaned. Otherwise, the boiler will not function efficiently. Give us a call and let us take care of your boiler to provide you peace of mind during the cold season.

Heat Pump

A heat pump is another form of heat we highly recommend for our clients. It's a form of heat that's very clean and very efficient. The same source that provides your house with air conditioning is the same source that will provide heat for your home when you have a heat pump installed. The flow of your Freon is simply reversed. If your current heat pump system needs to be maintained or repaired, True Comfort Heating and Air can evaluate, maintain, repair, or replace at a reasonable cost.

Humidification System

Hot forced air is a necessity during the cold season, but it also removes most of the moisture in the air that is needed to help you breathe comfortably. When the moisture is removed from the air, it is possible to zap yourself when you touch certain things in your home. A humidifier can solve that problem. We offer a variety of humidifiers that can best fit your home. The most efficient form of humidification is steam. Our consultant will let you know which option will benefit you and your home.

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